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Monoi Oil

Excellent for dry skin

Great hair conditioner

Penetrates forming an environmental barrier

Avacado Oil

Helps to reduce age spots

Heals scars and restores damaged skin

Helps with the rejuvenation and regeneration of the skin


Black Seed

Neem Oil

Black Seed  Oil

Effective at treating certain hair and skin problems

Can be used as an antioxidant

Effective at preventing muscle spasms and cramps

Neem Oil

Helps to restore moisture and elasticity to the skin

Disinfects and heals, helping with various skin conditions

Highly concentrated with anti-microbial active ingredients

Kokum Butter

Vitamin E

Kokum Butter

Helps regenerate tired and worn skin cells

Prevents dry skin and wrinkles

Helps to soften skin, and restore elasticity

Vitamin E-Natural

Nourishes and moisturizes, increasing smoothness

Also used as an antioxidant

Can help ease the effects of sunburn and promotes the healing process

Hemp Seed

Sweet Almond Oil

Hemp Seed Oil

Anti-aging, balancing and healing

Moisturizes the skin, non greasy readily absorbing into the pores

Helps to prevent try skin and certain hair conditions

Sweet Almond Oil

Excellent emollient and moisturizer, nourishes the skin

Keeps skin and hair healthy, protecting and conditioning your skin

Used to also treat dry itch, irritated skin


Andiroba Oil

Used on the skin for: Sores, ulcers

rashes, boils

insect repellant

Tamanu Oil

Skin healing, antineuralgic, anti-inflammatory,

antimicrobial, antibiotic and antioxidant properties.


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