About Us

In 1985, our company was born and established with a true entrepreneurial spirit! Jinsa Fragrances (now Jinsa Essentials) packaged and distributed 100 % pure oil fragrance in a way that had never been done before. What began as an innovative concept in packaging and distributing fragrance oils, rapidly flourished into a thriving business that recruited hundreds of distributors across the country.

 ‘Jinsa’ is a Semitic word meaning gender or national origin. As the brand and the company became well known for having the finest fragrance and essential oils on the market, we were called Jinsa Fragrances and as our product line selections grew, we needed a name that was inclusive of all products. We ultimately adopted our corporate name, which is Jinsa Essentials, on our website and all of our packaging.

 In 2001, Jinsa Essentials’ introduced a line of Natural Bath & Body products using Natural Herbs, Shea Butter and other Organic Body Butters. That was the beginning of our Natural Body and Hair Care products.

 We are committed to using only the best and most NATURAL ingredients in our products – even if it means less profit for the company. Today, ALL of our products contain the finest natural & organic body butters and oils. Our natural exclusive line of fine fragrances is made of the highest quality oils from around the world. Wonderful Oils of the World created the perfect acronym because when people experience our products; their reaction is “WOW!

 Simply put, Jinsa Essentials supplies the finest quality Natural Bath & Body care products to our customers at a valued price. We are committed to providing 100% satisfaction to our customers and pride ourselves on filling your orders with extra care. It is this high level of dedication to our customers combined with years of experience in the Natural and Organic Skin care and natural fragrance industry that has produced so many satisfied customers.

 A wonderful experience with Jinsa Essentials is always our mission!

 Now that you know about us - Jinsa Essentials, we are personally inviting you to enjoy…

 A Fabulous New Experience!

 Experience these superior, high-end, luxurious products without the high-end cost...a better natural alternative.

 We guarantee that with professional, courteous and quality customer service, paying attention to your individualized needs coupled with the best quality natural products, you are sure to enjoy your Jinsa Experience!