The Art of Sugar Reduction

Feb 15th 2014

The Art of Sugar Reduction

~ jinsaessentials

Sweet tooth out of control? Well, you are not alone!

“ It’s no secret that more consumers are looking to reduce their consumption of added sugars. According to the International Food Information Council Foundation’s annual Food & Health Survey (IFIC), in 2016 61% of Americans claimed they were actively trying to limit or avoid added sugars, an increase of 7% from 2015. In addition, in 2016 43% of consumers said they were specifically trying to limit or avoid sucrose (table sugar), a 14% increase from 2015. Collectively, the growing consumer movement to reduce sugar intake, coupled with FDA’s new, soon-to-be-implemented regulation resulting in the listing of added sugars on the Nutrition Facts label, are accelerating manufacturers’ decisions to change product formulations to reduce sugar, and the data proves it.” Read more about 

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