Why You Need a Wet Skin Moisturizer

Apr 12th 2018

Why You Need a Wet Skin Moisturizer

Wet skin moisturizers are popping up all over the place lately. For those unfamiliar with the concept, they’re a quick and easy way to moisturize your skin to a smooth and healthy glow right out of the shower.

InStyle.com, offers a list of reasons why you should be using one:

1. They’re a Huge Time-Saver:
Applying the wet skin moisturizer as opposed to a traditional lotion allows you to save time by applying directly to wet skin and skipping the drying.

2. They’re Easy to Use:
Simply apply the moisturizer all over the skin prior to getting out of the shower. The wet skin moisturizer makes it easier to reach places like your feet and back without making a mess.

3. They Actually WORK:
Wet skin moisturizers are formulated to work with the wetness and seep into the skin for deep hydration, leaving you soft, silky, and smooth all day.

However: we believe natural is always best, and the latest wet skin moisturizers hitting the marketplace contain many of the same parabens and other harmful chemicals fans of organic beauty products want to avoid!

For a natural alternative, try our Soft, Silky, Smooth Moisturizing Oil or Botanical Waterless Lotion. Both can be applied to wet skin and offer the benefits of a wet skin moisturizer without the artificial ingredients of the others on the market! Our products are also water-free and therefore need no chemical preservatives!


Soft Silky Smooth Moisturizing Oil

Botanical Waterless Lotion

Botanical Waterless Lotion